Australia’s #1 Food podcast that focuses on two main areas: Uniting people through food and Fixing people’s relationships with food.

Bond Appetit gets listened to on average over 5,000 times a day and is on the top of iTunes in the banner section.


Ronsley is the host of  Australia’s #1 Food podcast – Bond Appetit, that focuses on two main areas: Uniting entrepreneurs through food and Fixing their relationships with food. He runs 2 main businesses: Bond Appetit and Time Shifted Media.

He has been cooking for over 19 years. He has started and run his own fresh food restaurant specialising in uniquely flavoured food, and also worked in a big kitchen as part of a brigade of chefs. Ronsley has a Masters’ degree in Software Engineering and an MBA in psychology and leadership, with massive experience in software quality systems and leading global teams. Ronsley is a software technical expert, a personal chef, and a serial idea creator.



Bond Appetit ( is Australia’s #1 Food podcast on iTunes, with over 5,000 listens a day on average, with listeners from over 94 countries around the world. It has been featured on iTunes as the #1 show in 3 categories: Food, Health and Fitness & Nutrition. The podcast has had some brilliant guests on the show like Glen Carlson, Nick Malgieri, Pat Flynn, Matthew MichalewiczAndrew GriffithsVinnie TortorichDr. Leandra Brady-WalkerDr. Cris Beer, and many more.

Ronsley interviews entrepreneurs, foodies, fresh food chefs, dieticians, health professionals, and guests that are making a change to their lives and others around them by changing the food that fuel their successes.

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Did you ever ask, “How do I know if I should create a podcast“? Or, “What ROI will I achieve with a podcast“? And, “Will a podcast save me money and time“? Then this podcast is for you …

This show explores the stories and experiences of entrepreneurs and artists that have created a podcast. Their journey and where they have made their mistakes. We highlight their successes and talk about their learning curves. We also get into conversations about when podcasting hasn’t worked. If you are thinking about creating a podcast, or have started one and looking to improve by learning from other people’s mistakes – this is for you!

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